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Oretek Machinery adheres to the service tenet of "quick response, smooth communication, accurate answer, reasonable and thoughtful". After receiving the customer's demand, we will get in touch with the customer as soon as possible to understand the customer's specific needs, material composition, scheduled work site and other related information, and help customers analyze and solve problems.

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Another new project of Zhengzhou Oretek Mobile Screening Plant starts!


At the end of 2022, Zhengzhou Oretek received a request for iron ore screening equipment from a customer in Jiangsu Province. After understanding the actual production needs of the customer, our company immediately sent professional technical engineers to the customer’s site for field inspection, combined with site conditions, transportation conditions, energy constraints and other specific circumstances, after careful study, Oretek engineering team quickly design a reasonable solution. The iron ore mobile screening production line includes a tire-type mobile screen equipped with 2YZS2160 vibrating screen and a mobile silo and belt conveyor, which can realize the energy efficiency of 300 tons per hour production.

Since the production site of this project is located in the dock area, the production site is severely restricted. During this process, Zhengzhou Oretek continuously coordinates to change the production solution, so that the equipment and configuration are perfectly adapted to the customer’s requirements at all levels.

At present, all the equipment involved in the project has entered the production schedule and can be arrived at the customer’s production site within a short period of time. Zhengzhou Oretek impressed the customer with its consistent professionalism and service spirit and finally confirmed the cooperation relationship. The customer also holds high praise for our company, especially for the high respect for the actual production situation, and everything starts from a customer-oriented perspective, from the cost and practicality aspects are always envisioned from the customer’s perspective, creating a good customer service relationship.

Zhengzhou Oretek mobile screening station is a kind of high efficiency screening equipment, in any terrain conditions, this equipment can reach any position of the work site. It can form a powerful crushing and screening operation line through the combination of different models to complete the processing operation of multiple demands. Its design with excellent performance, high production efficiency, easy to use and maintain, economic operating costs, stable and reliable work.

Choosing Zhengzhou Oretek mobile station is to choose peace of mind and high yield.

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Oretek provides you with a full set of mine equipment and services. If you are interested in our company and products, you are welcome to come to the factory to inspect. We will arrange for you to visit the crushing site to intuitively experience the quality of the high quality product!

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