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C-series jaw crusher

C-series European jaw crusher

This series of European jaw crusher has made great progress in structural design, production material selection, process improvement and other aspects

Feeding particle size:420~1200mm
Production capacity:80~1510T/H
Scope Of Application:C European version of jaw crusher is widely suitable for mines, building materials, cement, metallurgy, road construction, chemical industrial raw materials and other fields. It is particularly suitable for crushing of medium hardness, such as rocks, ore, etc.
Handling Materials:Various ores and rocks with compression strength do not exceed 320 mPa.

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Product Introduction:

The C-series European jaw crusher is a new generation of high-efficiency jaw crusher developed by our company. based on the advanced foreign design and our decades of experience in the crushing industry. This series of European jaw crusher has made great progress in structural design, production material selection, process improvement and other aspects. It has the characteristics of strong power and high crushing efficiency, which is an ideal upgrade replacement product for traditional jaw crusher.

Working principle

The motor drives movable jaw assembly do reciprocating motion according to the desired trajectory under the action of belt and pulley. The angle between toggle plate and movable jaw increases when movable jaw moves up and the movable jaw closes to the fixed jaw. The materials are crushed in this process. The angle between toggle plate and movable jaw decreases when movable jaw moves down and movable jaw moves away from fixed jaw under the action of the tension rod and spring, then products after being crushed are discharged from the discharge opening.

Performance advantages:


The body structure is reasonable and firm The body adopts a non-welded frame structure. The side panels and front and rear panels of the rack are designed in a separate manner, and are fixed with precision processed high-strength connecting pins, thereby replacing the previous welded rack, avoiding the problem of stress concentration caused by welding, and making the structure more compact and reliable. Damaged main components can be replaced, greatly improving the service life of the crusher and saving more costs for customers.


With the same energy consumption, the crushing efficiency is higher The C-series jaw crusher optimizes the cavity design. By optimizing the structure of the crushing cavity and the trajectory parameters of the moving jaw, it adopts a design with large centrifugal force and a steep elbow angle, resulting in a larger effective stroke at the bottom of the crushing cavity, and a higher crushing efficiency of the C-series jaw crusher under the same energy consumption.


The wedge adjustment replaces the traditional pad-type discharge opening adjustment, making the discharge opening adjustment operation simpler, more efficient and safer Mechanical or hydraulic adjustment devices can be provided according to user requirements.


Integrated motor base design, smaller installation space The motor base is fixedly installed on the crusher, which not only reduces the installation space, but also makes the power transmission more stable. The motor base can be moved to adjust the tension of the triangular belt, resulting in a longer service life of the triangular belt and lower usage costs.


Better shock absorption effect Elastic limit blocks and rubber damping devices are used to reduce the mutual impact between the crusher and the foundation, reduce fatigue damage to the foundation, and improve the service life of the crusher.


This series of equipment all uses high-strength forged eccentric shafts and bearings from China's top brands, bringing unparalleled reliability to the C-series jaw crusher.

Technical Parameters

Model Feeding Opening size


 Max Feeding Size


CSS min-max




 Motor Power




C80 520×800 420 60-150 80-290 350 75 2650*1540*1780
C100 760×1000 600 70-200 140-400 260 110 3670*2420*2490
C106 700×1060 650 70-200 140-420 310 110 3230*2440*2590
C110 850×1100 720 80-200 160-550 230 160 3800×2450×2550
C120 870×1200 740 100-200 200-650 230 160 3850×2450×2550
C125 950×1250 800 100-250 230-760 220 160 4100×2800×3100
C145 1100×1450 920 125-275 320-950 220 200 4400×3060×3210
C160 1200×1600 1020 150-300 410-1150 220 250 5700×3650×3550
C200 1500×2000 1200 175-300 610-1510 200 400 6500×3990×4260
CJ6310 630×1000 580 80-180 100-195 250 75 3763x2280x2644
CJ1113 1100×1300 960 120-260 260-580 220 160 4863x2762x3489
CJ1216 1200×1600 1180 165-320 450-800 220 220 6700x4040x4465

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