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Compared with spring cone crusher, what are the advantages of hydraulic cone crusher?


As the main secondary crushing equipment of the aggregates production line, the cone crusher has been upgraded from the traditional spring cone crusher to the hydraulic cone crusher after years of development and technological innovation. The hydraulic cone crusher has single-cylinder and multi-cylinder series.



Today, we will learn about the advantages of hydraulic cone crusher compared with spring cone crusher. This is also the significance and value of the continuous upgrading of cone crusher technology.
First of all, let’s look at the differences between spring cone crusher, single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher and multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher from the perspective of structure and working principle.
The structure of the spring cone crusher is mainly composed of: frame, fixed cone assembly, moving cone assembly, spring mechanism, bowl-shaped shaft frame, transmission, electrical system, lubrication system and other parts.

(Explosion Diagram of Spring Cone Crusher)

When working, the motor drives the large bevel gear at the bottom of the eccentric sleeve through the hydraulic coupling and the small bevel gear to make the eccentric sleeve rotate, causing the cone to rotate and swing to crush the material.

The multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is mainly composed of: the lower frame part, the eccentric sleeve part, the transmission part: the small bevel gear sleeve of the transmission shaft, the support sleeve part, the adjustment ring part, the moving cone part, the electrical system, the thin oil lubrication system and other parts .

(Explosion diagram of multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher)

When working, the moving cone is driven by the eccentric sleeve to do a pendulum motion, which drives the mantle to squeeze and rub the material between the concave. According to the inter-particle crush theory, the material is subjected to forces from multiple directions. The texture is broken and polished to form more cubical stone particles, which fall from the gap between the mantle and concave if they meet the discharge requirements, and the rest of the materials continue to be crushed until they meet the discharge port requirements.

Single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is mainly composed of: upper frame, middle frame (medium crushing cavity), lower frame, moving cone, eccentric sleeve, transmission, hydraulic cylinder, electrical system, thin oil lubrication system and other parts.

(Explosion diagram of single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher)

When working, the motor drives the horizontal shaft to rotate, and the horizontal shaft drives the eccentric sleeve to rotate through the gear, and then the eccentric sleeve drives the moving cone to swing in a circle, so as to realize continuous squeeze and crushing of stones.

The difference in its structure and working principle leads to great differences in work performance. In the past, the application of spring cone crusher was more common, but with the upgrading of technology, hydraulic cone crusher have gradually replaced spring cone crusher in medium and large aggregate production line projects. So, what are the advantages of hydraulic cone crusher compared with spring cone crusher?

1.The hydraulic cone crusher adopts hydraulic protection and hydraulic cavity cleaning, which can realize automatic cavity cleaning, convenient maintenance and short downtime, while the spring cone crusher needs to be stopped for manual discharge, which is time-consuming and laborious.

2.In terms of working efficiency, the hydraulic cone crusher can be chocked feeding, with higher material throughput and processing capacity, and it’s actual capacity is larger, while the spring cone crusher generally cannot be chocked feeding, which is easy to cause machine blockage.

3,The hydraulic cone crusher adopts the principle of inter-particle crushing, which can use the crushing effect between the materials to reduce the wear and tear on the wearing parts, and the final products shape are more cubical with reasonable grade, and the needle flakes are greatly reduced, which is suitable for high standard infrastructure construction and solves the problem of the final products from the spring cone crusher usually with a lot of needles flaky products.

Generally speaking, the performance of hydraulic cone crusher is better than that of spring cone crusher, and its application in mine crushing and sand and gravel processing is becoming more and more common. In terms of price, the spring cone crusher is indeed lower than the hydraulic cone crusher, but the initial investment of the hydraulic cone crusher is high, and the later maintenance cost is low, which is more worry-free.

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