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CS cone crusher

CS high efficiency cone crusher

Feeding particle size:41~334mm
Production capacity:60~1200T/H
Scope Of Application:Various ores and rocks with compression strength do not exceed 320 mPa.
Handling Materials:River pebble, granite, basalt, iron ore, quartz stone, Huilu rock, iron ore, gold ore, copper mine, etc.

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Product Introduction:

CS high efficiency cone crusher has the characteristics of large crushing force, high efficiency, high handling capacity, low operating cost and convenient adjustment. The structure design is reasonable, the particle size of finished product is uniform reducing the circulation load. The CS series cone crushers produced by our company have various cavity types for each model. Users can choose the most suitable cavity type based on the type of material to be crushed, the particle size of the finished product, and other requirements to achieve the best production effect.

Performance advantages:


The main shaft is forged from high-strength alloy steel, and its unique large diameter design is more suitable for heavy equipment.


Pinion gear and bull gears with high strength and high precision are adopted to ensure the reliable operation of equipment.The material strength of them is high, and the machining accuracy is high, thereby ensuring a more stable operation of the equipment.


High quality spring provide overload protection.


Convenient and fast Hydraulic cleaning device. The standard hydraulic cavity cleaning device can remove the foreign body conveniently and quickly, if non-crushable object is delivered into the crusher.


Adoption of grease sealing increases the service life of the host machine.


With simple and reliable structure, easy to maintain. Drive shaft assembly is supported by the bronze shaft sleeve, and the entire assembly can be easily dismounted for maintenance.

Technical parameter

Type Model Type of Cavity Diameter

of Large

End of



 CSS min-max(mm) Max. Feeding Size(mm) Capacity







CS75(3’) CSC75 C 900 13~38 175 59~163 75 2656×1636×2241
CSB75 M 9~22 102 45~91
CSD75 F 3~13 41 27~90
CS110(3’1/2’) CSC110 C 1100 13~38 160 70~215 110 2290×1530×2036
CSB110 M 10~25 115 55~135
CSD110 F 6~19 80 47~90


CSC130 C 1200 13~38 180 105~220 132 2630×1760×2212
CSB130 M 10~25 130 72~170
CSD130 F 10~19 90 70~125


CSC160 C 1300 16~51 200 135~350 160 2860×2070×2623
CSB160 M 13~25 150 105~180
CSD160 F 10~19 102 80~140


CSC200 C 1400 19~51 215 200~440 200 2830×2200×2783
CSB200 M 16~25 160 160-230
CSD200 F 13~22 115 150~240


CSC220 C 1500 19~64 235 230~570 220 3360×2650×3050
CSB220 M 19~38 175 215~330
CSD220 F 13~25 130 136~281


CSC240 C 1675 22~64 267 330~725 250 3580×2860×3680
CSB240 M 16~25 203 240~330
CSD240 F 10~19 140 190~300


CSC360 C 2130 31~89 334 789~1270 355 5110×4270×4350
CSB360 M 25~76 303 608~998
CSD360 F 10~29 150 352~617

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Our company is a professional manufacturer of crushing equipment. The company’s senior engineers tailor-made for each customer, scientifically select equipment and do not rework, to ensure that the equipment selected for customers is reasonable and affordable, with stable operation and high efficiency.

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