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DG300 single -cylinder cone is broken to Cambodia


DG single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is becoming more and more popular in Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and other Southeast Asian countries. This afternoon, a batch of DG300 cone crusher was successfully shipped to Cambodia.

Zhengzhou Oretek has many domestic experts in the field of crushing and screening, with a strong capacity for new product development. The company attaches great importance to technical exchanges and cooperation, and has introduced advanced technology and techniques from the United States, Germany, Australia and other countries, and has more than one hundred patents for production equipment. DG series single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is a new type of high efficiency cone crusher developed and designed by Zhengzhou Oretek, which represents the most advanced crusher technology in the industry.

Quality service and technology are the core competencies of Zhengzhou Oretek, and the reason why our customers choose us and trust us all the time. Zhengzhou Oretek will continue to provide cost-effective products and more efficient and comprehensive technical services to meet the expectations of our customers.

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Oretek provides you with a full set of mine equipment and services. If you are interested in our company and products, you are welcome to come to the factory to inspect. We will arrange for you to visit the crushing site to intuitively experience the quality of the high quality product!

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