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European electric hoist

European electric hoist

Explosion-proof type and Ordinary type optional

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Product Introduction

The European-style electric hoist is a new type of electric hoist with light weight, modularization and maintenance-free, which is completed by our company on the basis of introducing and digesting foreign technology, using imported configurations, new materials, and new processes.

The lifting motor and reducer imported from Germany are adopted. The integrated compact design of lifting motor, reducer, reel and lifting limit switch saves the user’s use space. The modular design effectively reduces maintenance time and cost while enhancing the reliability of the mechanism.

It has faster and more lifting speeds and a variety of pulley ratios to choose from. The running mechanism of the standard trolley is controlled by a frequency converter, and the speed can reach 20 m/min, so that when the trolley is moving, the hoisting items swing little and the positioning is accurate, and it can safely and reliably lift precision and valuables.

The design strictly implements the relevant standards of FEM.

Technical characteristics:

Aluminum alloy reducer housing

Smooth operation, low noise

Lubricated for life (during safe use period)

Double Disc Electromagnetic Disk Brake

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