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Gypsum powder processing: How to choose a gypsum grinder?


Gypsum powder is one of the five major gel materials, which is widely used in many fields such as construction, building materials, industrial molds and art models, chemical industry and agriculture, food processing, medicine and beauty, and is an important industrial raw material.
Most of the raw materials for producing gypsum powder come from natural gypsum ore. China has abundant reserves of natural gypsum mineral resources, with a total reserve of nearly 60 billion tons. However, in the process of industrial production, a lot of industrial by-products gypsum or waste residue, also known as chemical gypsum or industrial waste gypsum, with calcium sulfate as the main component, have also been produced, mainly including desulfurization gypsum, Phosphogypsum, citric acid gypsum, fluorogypsum, etc.
Industrial by-product gypsum is not a complete waste, and if properly treated, it can replace natural gypsum. Currently, there are two main ways to comprehensively utilize industrial by-product gypsum: firstly, it is used as a cement retarder (regulator), accounting for about 70% of the comprehensive utilization of industrial by-product gypsum; The second is to produce gypsum building materials products, including paper gypsum boards, gypsum blocks, gypsum hollow strips, dry mixed mortar, gypsum bricks, etc.
Whether it is natural gypsum powder or industrial by-product gypsum powder, a grinding machine is required. The grinding machine is a direct equipment for grinding solid and block gypsum into powder, and its performance directly affects the quality of the finished gypsum powder. Therefore, its selection is very important.
In the current field of gypsum powder production, European version grinding machines and vertical grinding machines are commonly used choices. Their finished powder range can be adjusted between 80-400 mesh, meeting the requirements of 180-200 mesh gypsum powder for construction.
The European version grinding machine is a new generation upgraded product of Raymond grinding machine, which adopts multiple new technologies such as integral transmission of bevel gears, increased grinding roller linkage, curved blade, thin oil lubrication, etc. The output has increased several times compared to the past, with a single machine hourly output of 3-55 tons, and lower energy consumption per unit capacity, which is very in line with modern large-scale powder processing projects。

The vertical grinding machine integrates functions such as crushing, grinding, drying, and conveying, with high grinding efficiency and a single machine output of 6-80 tons. In addition to non-metallic ore powder production, it can also be applied to industrial waste slag powder production such as slag, steel slag, water slag, as well as industrial boilers, lime kilns, and other coal powder processing fields.

Compared to the European version mill, the vertical mill has a larger output and is more suitable for large-scale gypsum powder processing projects. Its investment is also higher than the European version mill, and it can be reasonably selected based on actual production needs.

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