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How much is a set of stone crushing equipment approximately?


Recently, a customer inquired with Online- service personnel: “How much is a set of crushing equipment?” Below, we will answer this question in detail.

What are the common crushing equipment? Do you have a specific model recommendation?

1,Jaw crusher (used for initial crushing

The jaw crusher is the nemesis of all large stones, with its two dynamic and static jaw plates resembling the upper and lower jaws of a tiger. With movement, it compresses and crushes the stones, which has stronger crushing capacity than large crushing. It is a commonly used primary crushing equipment. As the first crushing equipment, the jaw crusher directly affects the operation of the entire production line, so its production capacity, efficiency, and stability are important and should be carefully selected.

Recommended model: C-series jaw crusher

2,Cone crusher (processing materials with higher hardness

The cone crusher belongs to a crushing equipment with simple structure, strong wear resistance, stable operation, and low failure rate. The principle of laminated crushing, as well as high wear resistant materials and hydraulic protection systems, make it more suitable for processing hard materials.

Recommended models: HPS multi cylinder hydraulic cone crusher, DG single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher

3,Impact crusher (for processing brittle materials

The impact crusher is one of the commonly used equipment in the secondary fine crushing process. It adopts the principle of impact crushing for operation and processing. After multiple and repeated crushing, the material meets the discharge requirements, and the finished product has a good particle shape, mostly in a vertical shape, and a low content of needle and sheet shapes.

Recommended model: P6S impact crusher

4,Impact crusher (used for material shaping and sand making

The sand making machine can crush materials into sand of different specifications such as 0-5mm, located in the latter half of the entire production line. The common sand making machines are VSI6X sand making machine, VSI5X sand making machine and VSI sand making machine. They have the dual function of sand making and shaping. The materials produced are of good particle size, uniform particle size and reasonable grading.

Recommended model: VSI6X sand making machine

Recommended by crushing equipment manufacturer

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How much is a set of crushing equipment?

The configuration scheme of the crushing equipment varies depending on different production needs and situations, and the quotation is naturally different, usually ranging from several hundred thousand to several million. If you want to obtain a specific quotation, please feel free to “inquire online” at any time, and oretek’s professional product manager will answer you in real-time online!

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