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How to choose a grinding machine for the production line of heavy calcium powder?


Heavy calcium refers to heavy calcium carbonate, which is ground from natural Carbonate mineral such as Calcite, marble and limestone. It is a commonly used powdered inorganic filler and can be widely used in industries such as rubber, plastics, paint, water-based coatings, papermaking, and construction.
According to the different fineness of the finished product, the equipment for processing heavy calcium powder also varies, including European version grinding machines, vertical grinding machines, ultrafine grinding machines, and other optional equipment.
Processing of 80-400 mesh heavy calcium powder: optional European version mill or vertical mill.

1. European version grinding mill
The European version grinding mill is an upgraded product of Raymond grinding machine, and is a commonly used equipment for processing heavy calcium powder. Compared with traditional Raymond grinding, the European version grinding machine has greatly improved production capacity, environmental protection, intelligence, and other aspects. The single machine hourly production can reach 3-55 tons, making it the preferred equipment for many heavy calcium powder factories to upgrade and expand their scale.

2. Vertical grinding mill
The vertical grinding mill integrates crushing, drying, grinding, grading, and conveying. It is a powerful and outstanding grinding equipment with a single machine output of 6-80 tons, suitable for large-scale heavy calcium powder production projects.
In addition to the main mill, the complete grinding system also includes crushers, bucket elevators, conveyors, powder separator, fans, cyclone collectors, storage bins, etc.

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