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How to configure a crushing line suitable for granite or other hard stone from the mountain quarry?


Granite is an intrusive rock belongs to igneous rocks. It is a rock with a high quartz content, quartz content is generally 20-50%, and a few can reach 50-60%. It is a rock with relatively high hardness and is difficult to crush, which requests the crushing equipment must be robust enough.

In general, the jaw crusher (coarse crushing), cone crusher (medium and fine crushing), vertical shaft impact crusher (sand making), can be used in different crushing stages, and usually combined crushing solution is required for a complete crushing plant. For hard stone crushing like granite, 2-4 stages crushing solution can be adopted according to different production requirements.
Two-stage crushing solution: Jaw Crusher + Cone Crusher
Two-stage crushing solution is a common crushing configuration for granite crushing production lines. The jaw crusher is used for coarse crushing, which can crush large stones mined from the mountain to medium size (the output size is about 50-300mm); the cone crusher is used for medium and fine crushing, and the cone crusher has different crushing cavity types such as coarse crushing cavity, medium crushing cavity, and fine crushing cavity, the outputs from the cone crusher crushing stage can be screened by a vibrating screen to get final products of different sizes such as 5-10mm/10-20mm/20-31.5mm. Two-stage crushing solution is a simple and smooth solution, basically if the capacity is below 200TPH, 2-stage crushing solution is a very economical and practical choice.

Three-stage crushing solution: Jaw Crusher + Cone Crusher + Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher
On the basis of the two-stage crushing, vertical shaft impact crusher crushing stage is added. On the one hand, the vertical shaft impact crusher can be used for aggregates shaping, it can remove the sharp corners of the crushed aggregates, making the aggregates shape more round and full, which is more suitable for high-grade highways, high-standard railways construction usage; on the other hand, vertical shaft impact crushers are mainly used for the production of artificial sand, which can produce more 0-5mm sand, increase the proportion of the 0-5mm in the final products, meeting the needs of a crushing line for producing crushed stone and artificial sand at the same time. This is also a relatively classic granite crushing line configuration.

Four-stage crushing solution: Jaw Crusher + Single-cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher + Multi-cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher + Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher
The key of four-stage configuration is the single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher and multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher are used for the medium and fine crushing stage at the same time. Compared with the crushing solution which only use single-stage cone crusher, the two-stage cone crusher can cooperate with each other to share the crushing and wear pressure, and the crushing efficiency is higher. The capacity is also higher, which is more suitable for medium and large capacity (over 300T/H) hard rock crushing projects.

In addition to the different kind of crushers, a complete granite crushing production line also needs relative supporting equipment such as vibrating feeder, vibrating screen, and belt conveyors to undertake the functions of raw material transportation and finished product screening, and jointly complete the production.
This is the general configuration of the granite crushing production line. Specifically, equipment can be added or subtracted according to different production conditions and requirements. Each machine has different sizes and specifications, and the price needs to be determined after equipment selection according to production requirements.

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