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MTW European Powder Mill

MTW European Powder Mill

MTW series European -style mills are mainly suitable for powder grinding processing of mineral products such as metallurgy, building materials, chemicals, and mines

Feeding particle size:<50mm
Production capacity:0.5-40T/H
Scope Of Application:fine powder and superfine powder processing in mining, building materials, electric power, road and bridge, coal, metallurgy, chemical industry, ceramics, refractories, etc
Handling Materials:Processing of various non flammable and explosive mineral materials such as limestone, calcite, talc, barite, quartz, feldspar, iron ore, kaolin, bentonite, fly ash, furnace bottom slag, pulverized coal, petroleum coke, etc., with a Mohs hardness of less than 9.3 and a humidity of less than 6%.

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Product Introduction

MTW series European Strength Grinding Mill is a high capacity, energy-saving, environmentally friendly, high-performance grinding equipment, introduced by our company in the long-term production practice of pendulum roller mills, combining the on-site use experience of many customers at home and abroad and collecting excellent technical performance. Widely used in mining, building materials, electric power, roads and bridges, coal, metallurgy, chemical industry, ceramics, refractory materials, and other industries. It can grind various non flammable and explosive mineral materials such as limestone, calcite, talc, barite, quartz, feldspar, iron ore, kaolin, bentonite, fly ash, furnace bottom slag, pulverized coal, petroleum coke, etc., with a Mohs hardness of less than 9.3 and a humidity of less than 6%.

Performance Advantages


The MTW Series European Strength Grinding Mill adopts a heavy-duty grinding device, fully considering grinding efficiency and service life, and has achieved multiple key breakthroughs. The rollers hanger has been upgraded to a conical structure, greatly enhancing durability and reducing wind resistance. The grinding roller assembly adopts a floating seal and multiple combined seal structure, effectively avoiding dust ingress, and improving its service life by more than three times compared to old traditional structures. The vulnerable parts of the equipment are made of upgraded wear-resistant materials, which can prolong their service life, reduce operating costs, and save shutdown time.


Multi structure types for classifier. Meet different fineness requests. Supply three types classifiers including coarse powder type, blade type and cage type( for superfine powder). Meet the different needs of users for the product fineness and achieve the best balance between fineness and output capacity.According to the actual needs of users, blade type classifier or cage type classifier can be selected. And frequency converter is used to adjust the rotation speed to achieve fineness adjustable between 80-600mesh. With Low energy consumption, blade type classifier is suitable for the production of coarse or medium fine powder with 200mesh =D90 or less.


ptimizing air circulation and upgrading environmental dust removal devices.Adopt a reinforced blower to efficiently regulate the air volume; Arc type non resistance air duct and non resistance air intake volute design greatly reduce wind resistance and smooth materials flow inside. During the operation of the equipment, there is no dust leakage, and the residual air is collected using a pulse bag filter to achieve rapid and automatic dust removal, with high dust removal efficiency, ensuring dust-free operation in the workshop.


According to the actual needs of users, an open circuit system can be used to make the mill system operate under full negative pressure, ensuring long-term continuous operation of the equipment under constant temperature, safe and reliable, efficient and energy-saving.


Using a new gear system transmission, reliable and stable operation, easy to use and maintain. MTW138 and MTW178 models adopt split arc gear integrated transmission, reducing transmission chain and significantly improving transmission efficiency; The thin oil lubrication eliminates the need for frequent refueling and maintenance, reducing maintenance time and costs.

Technical parameter

Ring Diameter


Quantity of Rollers


Speed of Main Mill


Max. Feeding Size


The Final Size




External Dimension


MTW95 950 4 132 ≤25 80-800 0.5-6.5 7350×5900×7900
MTW130 1280 4 106 ≤30 80-600 2-13.8 8000×8550×9700
MTW138 1380 4 105 ≤30 80-600 2.9-17.5 9700×8500×10200
MTW160 1600 4 92 ≤30 80-425 5-25 9230×10116×10510
MTW178 1800 4 78 ≤35 80-425 6.5-32 9368×11500×11000
MTW190 1900 4 72 ≤35 80-425 8.4-40 10465×11372×11500

Power Specification

Model Main Mill



Blower Power


Classifier Power


Model of Pulse

Dust Collector

 Dust Collector Blower (kw)


Air Compressor

Feeder Power


MTW95 37 30-37 5.5-11 DMC36 3+4 0.15
MTW130 75-90 75-90 18.5-22 DMC36 3+4 3
MTW138 90-110 110-132 22-30 DMC48 3+4 4
MTW160 132-160 160-200 30-37 DMC64 5.5+5.5 5.5
MTW178 185-200 200-220 37-45 DMC96 7.5+7.5 5.5
MTW190 220-250 220-250 45-55 DMC96 7.5+7.5 5.5

MTW European Powder Mill Station factory

Our company is a professional manufacturer of crushing equipment. The company’s senior engineers tailor-made for each customer, scientifically select equipment and do not rework, to ensure that the equipment selected for customers is reasonable and affordable, with stable operation and high efficiency.

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