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Process flow of crushing production line


I. Process flow of sand and gravel crushing production line
1. Feeding: The raw materials are continuously and evenly delivered to the primary crushing equipment by the feeding machine.
2. Crushing: The crushing stage is handled by specialized coarse crushers and medium to fine crushers (optional). The specific configuration of which crusher needs to be selected based on the ore hardness. At the initial crushing stage, a jaw crusher is generally used. At the intermediate crushing stage, a impact crusher is generally used for soft materials, and a cone crusher is used for materials above medium hardness.
3. Sand making: According to customer needs, a sand making machine can be configured after crushing on the production line, which can further process the crushed stones to produce the machine-made sand that customers need.
4. Screening: Sand and gravel materials that have undergone crushing or sand making processing require screening operations. The vibrating screen has both screening and feeding functions, and can control the specifications of the finished product, resulting in excellent quality.
5. Transportation: Belt conveyors are mainly used for transporting materials and connecting various equipment to ensure orderly operation of each equipment.

II. Design principles for the process flow of sand and gravel crushing production line
1. According to the situation, it is necessary to allocate equipment reasonably according to the work site of the production line, in order to save energy consumption and reduce time as much as possible.
2. According to the material configuration equipment, different materials require different equipment, and a reasonable production line should be configured based on the characteristics of raw materials, production demand, budget, and other factors.

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