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Successful production and operation of bentonite powder production line


Bentonite is one of the most widely distributed clay mineral resources in nature, with excellent properties such as water absorption, adsorption, suspension, and dispersion. It has important applications in fields such as metallurgical pellets, drilling mud, cat litter, etc. According to the physical properties of bentonite, the front-end uses a sodium machine to perform sodium treatment on the bentonite, followed by a drying machine to dry the sodium treated bentonite. The dried material enters the mill equipment for grinding.


The MTW European version grinding mill has stable product performance, smooth operation, and high efficiency, making it an ideal choice for achieving large-scale processing of bentonite.
Leading technology
National patented product, upgraded and transformed from the 4th generation grinding mill, mature and stable.
Not easy to block materials, high powder classifying efficiency
Adopting curved air ducts inside the mill shell, the internal outlet direction is conducive to material dispersion and is not easy to block; Adopting a new hanging cage type powder classifier with variable frequency control, the fineness of the finished product can be adjusted and controlled, and the powder classifying efficiency is greatly improved.
Advanced transmission and stable operation
The overall transmission of bevel gears has strong power, high efficiency, large output, and low energy consumption. Sinking design, smooth operation, low vibration, and low noise.
Easy maintenance and low operating costs
The main shaft drive system and fan drive system adopt thin oil lubrication, with long oil change period, less maintenance frequency and low operating cost.
Investment economy, green and environmental protection
Small footprint, simple structural layout, strong completeness, low infrastructure costs, short construction cycle, and fast fund recovery. The finished product has low pollution and high whiteness, and the entire system operates under negative pressure without dust leakage, meeting the latest national environmental protection requirements.
Integrated and comprehensive solution
Provide integrated and comprehensive solutions for design, supply, construction, service, and more, ensuring peace of mind, peace of mind, and peace of mind!


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