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Vertical mill model price


In recent years, with the rapid development of the grinding industry, grinding machines have been constantly updated and replaced. Many new types of grinding machines have appeared in the market, but vertical mills have always been trusted by customers in the market. So, why are vertical mills so popular?

I、 Advantages of vertical mills
1. Site requirements
Ball mills have high requirements for infrastructure. The horizontal installation of the ball mill occupies a large area, while the vertical installation of the vertical mill occupies a small area, making it easy to install and saving site costs.
2. Rolling principle.
Some grinding machines on the market use impact crushing, which causes severe damage to the inner wall and affects the service life of the equipment. Vertical grinding mainly involves grinding and crushing, with adjustable powder fineness and longer service life.
3. Process flow
Integrating vertical crushing, grinding, drying, and grading, the process is simple, the structure is compact, and the operating cost is low. Ball mills can only crush materials, and other functions need to be purchased separately to achieve.

III. Vertical Mill Price
There are many models of vertical mills in the market, and each model has a different price. In addition, different manufacturers have different production processes and prices. If customers want to obtain a specific quotation, they can visit the manufacturer for on-site inspection. Generally, the manufacturer will select the appropriate vertical mill model according to customer needs and recommend it to customers to obtain a specific quotation.

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