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What are the advantages of impact crushers over hammer crushers?


Both impact crusher and hammer crusher are medium crushing equipment, usually used for crushing medium and low hardness stones such as limestone and weathered rock. So, what is the difference between these two medium crushing equipment?

1.In terms of the shape of the final products, the final products from the impact crusher has a good particle shape, no hidden cracks, and the aggregate has a strong compressive capacity, which can be used for high-grade concrete. However, the final products from the hammer crusher does not have a good shape, there are hidden cracks, and the compressive capacity of the aggregate is weak, so it is generally used in low-grade concrete.
2.In terms of internal structure, the impact crusher adopts an integral rigid hammer, which has a large impact range, high crushing efficiency and higher capacity. However, the hammer crusher adopts small elastic hammer heads, which has a small hitting range, low crushing efficiency, and the capacity is not enough.
3. In terms of dust and powder content, most of the final products from the impact crusher with a cubical shape, and there are few needle-shaped products, the powder extraction rate is controllable, but the powder extraction rate of hammer crusher is uncontrollable.
4.In terms of the service life of the wearing parts, the wear of the impact crusher hammer plate only occurs on the side facing the material. When the rotor speed is normal, the feed material will fall to the surface of the hammer plate (strike face), and the back and side of the hammer plate are both will not be worn out. Moreover, the bottom grinding rod is also easy to replace, and the utilization rate of the hammer plate is as high as about 45%-48%. The hammer head is in a hanging state, and the wear occurs on the top, front, back and side. Compared with the hammer plate, the hammer head wears more seriously.
5.In terms of investment capital, the initial investment of impact crusher production line is higher than that of hammer crusher production line, but the later operation cost is lower.

The above are some differences between impact crusher and hammer crusher. To sum up, impact crusher has more advantages than hammer crusher in actual operation, but the initial investment is higher than hammer crusher. If it is a medium-to-large-scale production line that runs for a long time and has relatively high requirements on the quality of final products, it is recommended to choose the impact crusher as the secondary crushing equipment to reduce downtime in the later operation and ensure normal production profitability.

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