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What are the advantages of vertical roller mills in the processing of blast furnace slag powder?


Blast furnace slag is a byproduct of blast furnace ironmaking that, after rapid cooling treatment, produces porous and amorphous metastable compounds. On the one hand, blast furnace slag itself has a loose and porous structure, thus having a large specific surface area; On the other hand, blast furnace slag contains a large amount of glassy structure with low degree of polymerization and strong potential activity. Blast furnace slag can generate hydrated calcium silicate and C-S-H gel through hydration reaction under the action of specific activator, which has good hydraulic cementitious property.

The ground slag powder can be used as a green and environmentally friendly building material, widely used in commercial concrete mixing plants and cement enterprises.
Slag grinding is an important link in the production of slag powder, and its grinding efficiency and quality directly affect the cost and quality of slag grinding production. As the core equipment in the production process of slag grinding, Oretek slag vertical mill (vertical roller mill) integrates fine crushing, grinding, drying, powder selection, and transportation, ensuring the continuity and stability of slag powder production and improving the efficiency of slag grinding.

Compared with ball mills and Raymond mills, vertical roller mills have obvious advantages in slag powder processing:
Compared with ball mills, slag vertical mills have a vertical structure with a compact layout, covering an area of approximately 50% of the ball mill system, which can greatly reduce construction costs; Moreover, the grinding roller directly crushes and crushes the material on the grinding plate, resulting in low energy consumption and saving 30% to 40% energy compared to the ball milling system.
2. Compared with Raymond mill, slag vertical mill can increase the grinding force through hydraulic pressure boosting, thereby improving the grinding efficiency and output. The production capacity of a single machine can reach 6-80 tons, which can meet the needs of different scale ore powder production lines with an annual output of 50-600000 tons.

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